Sunday, July 20, 2014

Testing New App

So the Blogger app has always been really dodgy. This post is to merely test the updates made during the last month, if it works I will move Pepper's blog to Blogger by reposting the Tumblr posts first.

So far there are no major problems, however the biggest ones show up when scrolling. I am hoping this actually is an improvement. So, the topic at hand is also leading into a very important and often forgotten aspect to app development. Since the advent of online stores and the ability to constantly update as you go, many coders have gotten very sloppy and forgotten that a good app needs to work "out of the box."

This does not mean all features need be included, but that the apps need to be stable and useful for as many people as possible, to allow your target audience a chance to see if they actually enjoy using it. It is also important to ensure the users that the app has a future in their lives, because most people are not as patient as I am and will simply move onto others, never to return.

For Android, and possibly for Apple as well, using native widgets is important. It creates a standard that ensures your app will not interfere with, or be interfered with by, other apps it needs to function well. This allows for custom widgets and interfaces to function properly as well, the widgets for Android are easy to customize without building your own GUI.

Well, I have reached the old limit of functionality for this app in the past, and all seems well. More features would be nice, but as you can see from my many posts, I don't use many formatting options in my posts as they are intended to be more informative than entertaining. So I will return, and begin posting more, as well as building a Pepper blog to tell her story of a furever home.

EDIT: Well, the app didn't work too well, had to edit it in the browser anyway.

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