Monday, December 12, 2011

When is Change Good?
Alright, someone has to be wondering why I am making so many changes to my models and my animation style. Well, there are several answers to that. Let me just explain them a bit.

First, better computer. I got a better computer a while ago and it can now keep up with me. So now Blender runs like a dream. Instead of just making more of the old animations I am updating to match the power of my new machine. That means more detail, higher quality, and yes, better video rendering. Which leads to the next reason.

More practice. They say "practice makes perfect," and that is so true. I can now model a human mesh from nothing but two photos, profile and facing the camera. From that I can mold the mesh around the correct points at a speed and accuracy I never thought I'd reach. Honestly, I thought I'd be animating primitives at this point still. I also understand armatures and materials a lot more, and have practiced using them so I know things to watch out for. Cloth simulation in Blender has never been easy, but even that I am setting up with ease now. Essentially, my learning curve matches my enjoyment of what I am learning, and I really enjoy modeling 3D animations.

Last reason, it's time for a change. Until now all my models have appeared ... well meh. Just simple meshes with a few movements, which were all pretty robotic and rigid. Now I have an actual style, an appearance to models that's my own. I also use to dress them up based on other characters made by other people, now they are all my own originals. Check out my G+ album to keep up on new ones: Google+ Photo Album

Note: The last one is my pride and joy, utilizing so many features in the materials and animation system, she's almost perfect.

Tell me what you think.

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