Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Political Horizon

We see it now, at least we can if we open our eyes. The entire world leadership is on the brink of a massive and rapid change, especially in nations with some form of democracy or election system in place. The next generation that will inherit the ability to invoke change will outnumber the rest of the world very soon. While this shift will happen in other nations, I will explain it using the US, since I live here.

Most of the young voters are not choosing candidates based on political parties, it's oddly the middle aged and older generation more likely to still hold to such labels. Instead the younger voters are staying informed. How? The one thing that the government here has been trying to find some way to censor for over a decade now, the world wide web. We call it "the internet," but really it's just the largest internet. But that's a different story. Back on track. Yes, the younger generations are reading blogs, news stories, and even fact checking any report they encounter through Google and other search engines. They are being more informed.

Now we factor in the connectivity and "friends" online. I use quotes because they are more dynamic than traditional friends. An online friend, whether through a social networking or casual find on some forum, can vary from simple "look what I found" friends to allies. It's the allies that we need to consider here. Imagine if a young Youtuber suddenly ran for president. Not only would they get more exposure to the younger voters, they would also be featured in more detail across the net. All their dirty laundry and scandals are out in the open already, online. Their subscribers would cheer them on, even vote for them when possible. Their campaign ads would be plastered across the internet for free, reaching every corner of the web.

Now consider a "classic" campaign run by an older person on television and radio ... and cue crickets. Even road trips would not garner the attention one well made, inexpensive, video online would. Television has lost most of it's control over media, radio is almost dead, everything streams through the net now, and almost everything can be obtained virtually free legally through the net. None of the younger voters would know enough about the older candidate to make an informed decision, and since they care more about knowing things, the older candidate would stand no chance against a younger and more well known internet personality.

Thus, the shift will happen soon, as these younger people are becoming old enough to vote you can already witness the effect of one idea rippling through the net, SOPA/PIPA. Look online and millions of blogs, videos, even tweets, spread the word about this attack on our freedom. Just for considering passing such a bill, the entire government was brought into question. All the politicians became enemy number one in the internet's social system.

So yes, the entire political system world wide was hurt by the internet, well, the political system as it is. But this is a very good thing. It's a wonderful thing. All that "change" the politicians and world leaders continue to sell the people is actually possible, thanks to the next generation .... and the internet. So to any younger folks reading this, get out and vote, take control, but don't just vote, run for office! You have the same connections politicians have, probably many more. You know how to use tools given to you to improve your knowledge. So if you want to be president of the US, do it. Post your campaign online, for free. Youtube, Google+, even Facebook. You have the support and we need you now more than ever.

Thanks for reading. Tell me who you want to run, post here or on my Youtube channel: http://youtube.com/user/kittenkoder

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