Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bigotry Knows Only One Target

One trend I have noticed is that transgendered and asexual people tend to be the most active and outspoken for equal rights and sane treatment of the planet, compared to even homosexuals and other minorities. This is evident in the fact that most of us support marriage equality, even though it does not impact us very much at all.

Marriage licenses, as the bans are written, are based on the gender on the identification card, since that can be altered with a psychological referral inmost states it becomes inconsequential to those who are transgendered. (Hint to gay people, get your partner to be declared as the opposite gender on their state ID to flip off the idiotic bigots opposing equality, it would make me happy yo see.)

The reason for this may be selfish, we are the most ignored and abused minorities on the planet, in order to get attention we need the others to get their equality first because of that. If you asserted this as the reason I would not argue, it is perfectly logical and, in spite of the possible slippery slope fallacy it fuels, it benefits everyone. This is, however, not the case.

The real supporters of transgendered rights, whether transgendered or not, have a much more altruistic reason, empathy. We have been there, no minority on the planet can claim any mistreatment that we have not endured, and still endure, a hundred times over. The end result is that we can feel your pain when you are discriminated, and that bothers us, a lot.

When we hear of injustice in the world, we are reminded of the problems we face every day, even in the countries claiming to be more civilized. A few countries seek to reduce our suffering, all in Europe, and for that we must be grateful, however it only alleviates the suffering caused by society and idiotic stereotypes created by religion, and fueled by psychiatry, supported by bigotry.

So minorities who are facing adversity, look for us in your protests, spreading the facts online, and showing our support in constructive ways. We do understand, because you treat us the same every day, yet we still stand with you. So the next time you see a transgendered person suffering, remember that we stood by you when you faced the same.

We care, because we do not want you to suffer the way you make us suffer. We seek to improve society, not for our own benefit but because we feel the pain and indignation that society causes when it turns on one group because of fallacious notions fueling hatred. We reach out a hand in friendship to those in their moments of weakness, because we know, we are always there. You all have the privilege of seeing the light, we do not.

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