Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Problem With Heterosexual Society

 Society is a hypocritical mess in many ways, one is how it views sex. Asexuality is spoke of as of it's the ultimate in purity, yet society constantly tells us asexual people that we don't exist. This creates a lot of stress, and leads us to do a lot of dangerous things before we stop listening to society.

The result is that most asexuals are more well versed, more knowledgeable, in sexual matters of all sorts. Thus often catches others off guard, and we tend to be marginalized even more as a result. The failed notion that a person simply cannot lack sexual pleasure or desire has caused the spread of the genetic traits for asexuality, and other non-reproductive tendencies.

By convincing those who have these genetic traits that they don't exist, or that they are lying, they are often pressured into breeding, passing these traits onto even more people in the populations. This creates a slow but steady increase in the occurrence of said traits. In essence, the growing population of homosexuals, transgendered, and even asexuals, is the fault of the heterosexual population pressuring us to deny what we are.

Another problem created is that those who deny what they are become hypersexual, they are desperate to find something considered acceptable to society that pleases them, so they try everything, with anyone willing, or even unwilling. This hypersexuality spills into society creating a severe conflict in the way people think, this conflict leads to violence and self destruction, even suicide.

The standard occurrence of the traits causing non-reproduction in humans should be a total of no more than 10%, due to the fact that they should not be spreading into the population. But the actual rate for our species has exceeded 10%, sucks to be heterosexual in the future.

But then, straight people are to blame for this explosion in the appearance of these traits, you made your bed now you must lay in it. On the bright side, we do have a problem with the population being too high, allowing people to be themselves at this point will correct that problem enough that we will not have to begin forced sterilization of population segments.

So all you who hate gay people, those who deny the existence of asexual humans, the ones who attack transgendered folks, remember, you are the reason we even exist.

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