Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Anywhere

Living in downtown trick or treating is hard.Bare with me as i am exhausted and about to pass to sleep. But I got a brilliant idea for next year for everyone in city centers, Adult dressed in costumes, any costumes, even the classic zombie. We each have bags of candy and wander through town approaching people in costume saying "treat or trick" .... they'll like look at us odd but the kids will most likely be the first to get it and hold out their bag. Drop in some candy then do a little joke, goofy jig, something as you move on to seek the next group. If you come to a group that looks puzzled instead and doesn't figure it out after a moment, then you play a joke on them somehow, a simple verbal joke that has no real meaning or answer, a word puzzle, etc. just to confuse them a bit more. just wander about in small groups doing this, of course you must act in the spirit of Halloween whenever you pass another group, getting mixed up and maybe making a new group. When other people want to join in they just do.

It wouldn't have to be that organized, but it would be a blast, only a few people starting would get attention for more to join in. The point is, have fun, make trick or treating something to do in major city centers, like downtown Seattle where there's almost nowhere to trick or treat but lots of kids and other people in costume, shy should they have to sacrifice Halloween just to stand in lines for the later night events? Let's, next year, strengthen the tradition and remind everyone it's not just for the children.

I will be trying to do this in my city for certain, but if other cities get the idea that would be great to hear. Post what you know, your experiences with something like this, and post the smiles on people's faces most importantly! :P

You may wonder what happens when you have given up hope for humanity? You find one thing you can start and do it. Those who decide to could be considered the ancient spirits returned to remind people of the importance this tradition has ... though behind our makeup and masks we really are just like them, looking to enjoy a holiday that makes death seem less worrisome.

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