Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Environmentalism Scares

I love nature ... always have, but I hate environmentalists. Why? They have turned everything about nature into a joke. Now when you say you like nature in anyway everyone looks at you like you are one of the environmentalist nut jobs. But here's the irony, it's all just another doomsday conspiracy, one in a million. Even taking religion out of the equation and people still can't stop these idiotic notions. There have been a lot of great debunkers on this subject already, one pointed out the myth of landfills being such a problem. Seriously, they are still so small that they don't even cover one state in the US if you combine every single one, so give that up already. Global warming? We're cooler than we were a few million years ago still ... and that warming period was natural. Sheesh, we can't stop it even if we tried.

Anyway, instead of posting all the evidence other debunkers have spent a great amount of time gathering I will avoid boring you with this redundancy and give you the easy logic to follow. Nature will always find a way to balance itself, usually through creating species that will do the work for it. One thing needed for evolution is hardships, and lots of them. The perfect species doesn't just appear, many challenges must be faced to weed out the imperfections and often species are driven extinct in this effort. But what happens when one species threatens all the others? The others evolve or die, yes, we see this in the eras that the dinosaurs ruled the planet. One of natures ultimate tests for life and likely the one that spurred out evolution in the first place. They to altered the environment and drove billions of species extinct over their reign.

Now, someone will say "but we use ...", something that sound really bad. Here's the catch to that, matter and energy cannot be destroyed or CREATED, so what we use already exists. We just change it's shape. Think about it, all the oil we use already exists, refining is just a purification process (to over simplify), and personally I would rather they use something from under the surface instead of the trees I love for fuel.

So while they are whining about some species of something becoming extinct they are forgetting the simple rules of nature, a species must evolve to survive all odds, or perish. Survival of the fittest isn't just a slogan for some game show, it's reality and natural. The truly strange thing is that humans have a lot more flaws than other species, so technically we shouldn't survive long anyway and we are our own worst enemy. We will never destroy all life on the planet, that is impossible. But we will destroy ourselves, and likely this is nature's plan for us from the start.

So here's the logic, we are not destroying or even damaging anything, we are in fact testing the latest evolutionary steps nature has made in it's attempt to make the perfect life forms. We haven't even changed the world a quarter of what the dinosaurs did, and they were created by nature. Why not stop worrying about the thing that created us and start worrying about ourselves more, as we over-breed we are going to run low on resources, we already are very close to that as it is. If there weren't so many of us on the planet, there would be more nature to explore. Just a thought.

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