Thursday, June 25, 2015

Animals Rights Rarely Thinks

The problem with spaying and neutering other animals is one that refuses to be addressed, all those who claim it's necessary always run when pressed for facts on the matter. Well, now for the wake up call from someone who knows first hand what being forced to live in a body and manner that contradicts the brain is like.

For over 32 years I have been forced to live with a cancer that is not life threatening only because idiotic humans fear what transgendered people represent, we show that society is again wrong. I was also forced to live in a role that I could not even emulate for almost 20 years, which created conflicts for the five years after that before I finally figured it all out.

So first the basic fact often ignored, you are forcing the entire population of cats and dogs to be transgendered when less than 1% of Amy given species can be said to actually be transgendered, by forcing the operation into them. Consider this, would you volunteer to go through the same procedure?

If you answer no then you have no right to force any living thing to go through it. For humans, males are only allowed to have the vas deferens  cut, women are allowed to only have the fallopian tubes cut, unless you go through unnecessary and abusive psychiatric counseling.

Yet to our furry family members we are told to have the testicles removed completely, and most of the uterus with the ovaries. The worst part about it us that they still love us unconditionally.

So consider this before you have cats or dogs mutilated, would you want your genitals removed? I do, and I still would not willingly submit any cat or dog to that highly probable hell.